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A full suite for all lead generations and nurturing activities.
Capture leads from 100+ sources in one place with 0 repetition and minimised spam score.

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Leads from 100+ sources

Get high-quality leads from 100+ sources such as social media, search engines, blogging, affiliates and more.

Self-served model

Start generating leads quickly and easily with our self-serve lead generation feature.

High-Intent exclusive leads

Your leads are exclusive to you, and not shared with anyone else.

Lead Transparency

Bit 2 Bit encryption for transparency and lead security.

Complete lead management

An all-in-one place for lead generation and nurturing.

Minimising Spam

0 repetitive and spam-minimised leads through our exclusion algorithms.

For Custom Branding or
Ad Budget more than
₹5 lakhs

Contact sales for
an Enterprise Plan

In-house algorithms

Proven in-house algorithms based on geo-targeting. By combining event-driven data with in-depth analytics, our highly trained AI-powered algorithm generates high-quality leads at the lowest possible acquisition cost.

Reduce Sales Cycle

Shorten your sale cycle by 2x with our data-driven solutions. Chase less. close more. Leverage Big Estate's robust automated lead nurturing function to shorten the sales cycle and win more closures.

CRM: End-to-end Lead Management & Nurturing

Keep track of all your lead's data in one place. Engage, nurture, and close leads from a single platform. Automate, track and control your entire lead journey with Big Estate

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